📰 Convention meeting

📍 Anaheim Convention Cneter, Anaheim, USA

⏰ 13-15th / 4 / 2023

📸 Picture Courtesy of myself

Group Photos

With Don Buchla
With Paul Wolff from Fix Audio Designs
WIth Frédéric Brun from Arturia
With KERO from Detroit Underground
With Richard Devine
With producer Tiannan and violist Xika
With Bohan Xie from Eventide and musician NIA YANG
With Tony Nyboer from Buchla
With Eric Fox from Buchla
With Sylvain Missemer from Arturia
With electronic musician 楼长
With Ample Sound team
With the dunkky from Bitwig
With Mackie staff
With Jesse from Mackie China
With musician NIA YANG
With Bohan from Eventide

Me with instruments

With InstaChord
With Genelec Wall
With a tiny thumb piano
With Elesa Elecronic Sax from Tahorng
With Elefue digital wind instrument from Tahorng
With Tracker Mini from Polyend
With USPS mailbox
With Lightning from Buchla
With iLoud from IK Multimedia


Behind the scenes