🎶 Music live set

📍 Pan’s house, Suzhou

⏰ 5th / 12 / 2021

📸 Picture Courtesy of Liu Fang, Wen Liang, Metaershu, Z2, Official & myself

Live Performance

Watch on Bilibili: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV12Q4y1e7nB/

Music Gear Lists

  • Buchla 200e Modular System (24U) with 223e controller, see detailson ModularGrid
  • iPhone SE running AUM app (playing back a 6 seconds Pingtan loop as the BGM by 张建珍,瑞鸣音乐 – 长生殿 宫怨  俞调  评弹)
  • Akai MFC24
  • Eventide H9 Max
  • Eventide H9 Dark
  • Sound Devices MixPre 10 II
  • Furman SMP EVS LiFT

Behind The Scenes


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