👩‍🎤 Scene Changing The Boring Room VS S!LK

👩‍🎤 场景交换 The Boring Room VS S!LK

🎥 Video live set

📍 Dada Beijing Club, Beijing, China

⏰ 26th / 10 / 2019

📸 Picture Courtesy of Tabriss & myself

Live Video Compilation:

Watch on Bilibili: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1TV411q7ZG/

Gear Lists

  • LZX Industries eurorack modules (294hp), see details on ModularGrid
  • Brownshoesonly Video Grip eurorack module
  • Erogenous-Tones Structure eurorack module
  • Blackmagic Designs converters
  • Blackmagic Designs VideoAssist 4K
  • iPhone SE (pictures output)

Behind the scenes