X New Year, the first photo book from tamiX, an artist skilled in improvising electronic music, records the live set at #024, a live house at Sanlitun, Beijing, China, on the first day of new year night of 2022.

How to get the Special Collector Edition of X New Year:

You can get the PDF of the digital book, and every single pictures in the digital book.

Apart from the digital album, X New Year will be released as a Special Collector Edition, including a 44 pages photo book of tamiX’s performance, and a USB stick with more contents inside:

  • 60+ mins video of the performance
  • The trailer video
  • mp3 of the album
  • Uncompressed wav of the album
  • All photos in the photo book
  • Two picture of post cards
  • Pictures of the photo book
  • Cover picture of the album
  • Picture of my Buchla modules setup

X New Year photo book to be released in July 2022.

Post Card

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